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Free playdate sessions for Canberra

ACT Playgroups Association, a non-profit organisation that provides support and information about current playgroups in the ACT and nearby NSW communities, has announced upcoming playdate schedules for Canberra residents and their children. ACT Playgroups Association playdates are twenty to forty-minute ...

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Australian children less vulnerable now

The second Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) reported that today’s five-year old children have improved in terms of developmental vulnerability compared to the results of 2009. The AEDI was commissioned by the government in cooperation with Royal Children’s Hospital Centre ...

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Finnish preschools lead the world

A research program conducted by the Lien Foundation recently ranked the preschool environments in 45 countries. The study has given Finland the best overall score in terms of availability, affordability, quality and social context. Starting Well, an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ...

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Homework tips for kids

Doing homework is one of the things that causes disputes between parents and children. Below are some tips on how to encourage children to do school work even at home. According to NSW Department of Education and Communities early childhood ...

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