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Indigenous preschool plan outlined

The Federal Government has unveiled a new strategy designed to get indigenous children into preschool. The government said it has already allocated $970 million over five years to ensure that by 2013 all children have access to a preschool program ...

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Parents key to childhood obesity

Educating parents on healthy eating could be more effective at reducing childhood obesity than physical activity, new research shows. The study, undertaken by researchers from the universities of Newcastle and Wollongong, found that targeting parents rather than children is the ...

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Fixing the foundations

The most recent United Nations data continues to show that the four main Nordic European nations – Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland – have much lower levels of poverty, far less inequality, and much greater wellbeing, among children than do ...

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Setting the stage

At Arden Anglican School, Beecroft, Jenny Rodgers’ Year 3 students are sitting in a circle, waiting. “Let’s warm up our imaginations. Everyone gently rub your temples,” she suggests. All eyes are fixed on one boy holding a purple scarf. Slowly ...

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The building blocks of learning

So much of the teaching in early learning revolves around the importance of a child’s environment on their development. Over the last 100 years, many divergent philosophies have evolved with a wide breadth and depth of thinking and with an ...

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Early diagnosis of problems is key: research

Children with special health care needs in early childhood may be more prone to social and learning difficulties in their first years of school, new research has found. Children with chronic physical, developmental, behavioural or emotional conditions requiring health and ...

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