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A quick look at the new child screen-time rules

Where America goes, Australia often follows. This has certainly been the case with guidelines for child screen time. So, Australia, take heed: the American standards, provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), have just been revised for the first time ...

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Mitchell Institute calls for preschool for 3-year-olds

Why have one year, when you can have two? Independent educational think tank the Mitchell Institute argues this truism is profoundly applicable to preschool years. In fact, in the institute’s just-released, evidence-based report, Preschool – Two Years are Better than One, it states our ...

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Passive parental aggression a bitter tonic for children

Just because Brangelina kept the details of their split relatively quiet doesn’t mean the effect of the couple’s conflict on their kids was similarly muted. For example, perhaps Brad Pitt’s widely rumoured marijuana use caused Angelina Jolie to regularly shoot him seething looks and ...

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Australia’s childcare costs not worst of the worst

Kate Ellis and many others may begrudge Australian childcare costs, but Society at a Glance 2016 has put them into context. The biennial OECD report, released this month, shows many of our international neighbours easily eclipse us, in childcare fees as a percentage ...

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Kids gone viral: perks, perils and social media policy

Emoticon. Webinar. Sexting. Digital technology is no stranger to wacky portmanteaus. A recent one is ‘sharenting’: the practice of parents or caregivers posting pictures of children to social media. This once carefree activity, which Acting Children’s eSafety Commissioner Andree Wright describes ...

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