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Childcare workers’ chained melody: ‘pay us more’

Union United Voice’s ‘Big Steps’ campaign, concerning higher pay for childcare workers, has taken a giant leap in its efforts. Member protesters chained themselves to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Melbourne office yesterday. This is despite the fact that the government has ...

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Childcare reforms will hurt 130,600 kids: ANU

Calls for change to the government’s proposed Jobs for Families Child Care Package have fresh resonance. Australian National University modelling has revealed 130,600 children will be worse off under it. This report, commissioned by Early Childhood Australia, is being presented along with others at a Senate inquiry ...

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Childcare workers doorknock for better pay

Childcare workers got a head start on this year’s International Women’s Day, themed ‘Pledge for Parity’, by campaigning for better pay on Saturday. Members of union United Voice knocked on doors in marginally held electorates across Australia, to inform people ...

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Opinion: the power of 1-on-1 care

Early childhood is a vital period for human learning. A qualified nanny can offer young kids a beautiful learning journey, yet this is often overlooked. Educators are frequently seen as the sole facilitators of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), ...

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Tongues untied: bilingual basics for teachers

Are your preschoolers mixing their English Ps and French Qs? Read on, because, when it comes to young, bilingual kids, both parents and teachers have important roles to play, said Mark Antoniou of the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Development ...

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Qld Parliament considers ‘Mason’s law’

In April 2011, childcare workers photographed bruises on 16-month-old Mason Parker’s body. He was murdered by his mother’s boyfriend eight days later. Since then, Mason’s grandparents, John and Sue Sandeman, have loudly called for laws in Queensland that would make it mandatory ...

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