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Early childhood experts worldwide say #LetThemStay

In January, more than 930 Australian academics lobbied the government to release children from detention on Nauru. Now, academics from the UK have joined their cause. Professor Jayne Osgood, early childhood researcher at Middlesex University, has rallied 112 fellow early childhood experts from across the globe ...

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Mums school children on meat: study

Children are learning what ‘farm to table’ means at a young age. A University of Adelaide study has revealed parents are generally teaching their kids about the source of meat before they start school. “There’s a perception that it’s easier ...

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Indigenous early education gap remains wide

Indigenous children continue to have an educationally poorer start in life. The federal government’s 2016 Closing the Gap report revealed the target early education enrolment rate for Indigenous childhood fell considerably short. On average, based on 2013 data, only about ...

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Childcare costs drive parents out of workforce

Why work when it’s more economically viable to care for your kids? According to the Productivity Commission’s 2016 Report on Government Services, many adults are choosing to care for children rather than work, due to rising childcare costs. Roughly half of respondents from a ...

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