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Child abusers not all ‘monsters’: experts

Labelling people who sexually abuse children as monsters and demonising them does not help protect child victims, say experts who argue there is not enough focus on prevention. Emphasising the most horrific cases to get the public’s attention has backfired ...

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Richest to lose most under new childcare funding laws

After 18 months of flip-flopping, the government’s changes to childcare funding have finally passed the senate with the support of One Nation, the Nick Xenophon Team and independents Cory Bernardi, David Leyonhjelm and Derryn Hinch. The bill’s changes, which comprise ...

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Opinion: are kids unique or similar?

Here’s John, father of 4-year-old Jade: “I said to the teacher, ‘Yes, she’s a handful. But they’re all the same. She’s no different to the rest. They all have the same human genes.’” Here’s Emily, mother of Lance, who’s also ...

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Mums today ‘more judged’ than previously

Pregnant women and new mothers face more scrutiny and judgement than previous generations, a study suggests. Researchers from Cardiff University interviewed mother and grandmother pairs and found that community surveillance of pregnant women and infant feeding had significantly increased between ...

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OECD touts mums’ economic potential

You don’t often see a positive spin on unemployment figures. In this case, however, mums have cause to smile. The OECD has tipped them as the single largest potential contributor to Australia’s workforce. In a report, Connecting People with Jobs, ...

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