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Teddy bear data held to ransom

Horror films featuring malevolent children are scary as hell for a reason: the cognitive dissonance between their innocent appearance and evil minds. Deceptive teddy bears are similarly frightening. In CloudPets’ case, their cuddly fur belies their privacy-breaching tendencies. The toy ...

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More evidence that smartphones harm kids’ literacy

In recent days, foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop has attempted to defuse relations between US President Donald Trump and Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull. Transpacific literacy academics may be able to help her, diplomatically. Unlike their nation’s leaders, they’ve found common ...

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Childcare bill edges closer to approval

The government was hoping to make legislating more efficient with its recent Omnibus Bill, which included changes to childcare funding, family subsidies and paid parental leave, but things didn’t go to plan. The bill failed to muster enough votes to ...

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Academics and government spar over sugar tax

It sure is a sticky issue: in the wake of two recent reports advocating for the imposition of a sugar tax, Liberal frontbenchers have reaffirmed their opposition to the proposed levy. At a doorstop interview in Tasmania on Tuesday 21 ...

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