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Study finds womb for epigenetic twin variation

In a real-life daytime television-friendly tale, two sets of separated-at-birth identical Columbian twins – each living with the wrong twin – have been reunited. But that’s not the astounding part of the story. Scientists studied their genes and found that, ...

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Nanny trial will be scaled down

The federal government is drastically scaling back its trial subsidies of nanny fees after underwhelming interest in the scheme. The number of places will be cut from 3000 to just 500, with applications to take part closing from January 1, ...

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Opinion: screen time can be quality time

Screens are part of our daily lives and with some planning, parents, carers and educators can ensure children’s screen time is quality time. It’s a good idea to help young children develop healthy screen habits early in life, so that ...

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Boosting poor PISA results starts in preschool: ACER

The Program for International Student Assessment  (PISA) is a standardised literacy, numeracy and science test of 15-year-olds across 72 countries, conducted by the OECD. Yet it doesn’t measure rote learning. Rather, it tests whether kids can apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios. For Aussie students, this task has proved difficult. Like ...

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