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One-third of preschoolers own smartphones

It appears owning a smartphone or tablet is the new normal for Australian children, raising serious health concerns among pediatricians. The latest Australian Child Health Poll shows one-third of preschoolers and two-thirds of primary school-aged children own such devices, and ...

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Norway proposes veils ban in childcare and preschool

To Norway, where a controversial issue is being debated… Norway aims to ban face-covering Muslim veils in kindergartens, schools and universities, the latest European nation to propose restrictions on wearing burqas and niqabs. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria and the ...

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Government urged to curb child injury rates

Health experts are calling for a new national injury prevention plan after discovering there has been no progress in reducing the number of children ending up in hospital after falls and other accidents. While there might be safer playground equipment ...

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Report seeks bridge over gender pay gap

Childcare, a major component of the caring economy, has featured in a new report calling for a national target to close the gender pay gap and for gender pay equity to be enshrined in workplace laws. A Senate inquiry report, ...

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Best and worst child immunisation areas revealed

Child immunisation rates have improved across Australia but there are still some postcodes lagging behind. A report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare on Thursday 8 June 2017 reveals 93 per cent of Australian five-year-olds were fully ...

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Counting on fingers helps children learn numbers

It’s a tried and tested method for counting, and now research has found that using fingers can help young children with their maths. An English study suggests that playing finger games – such as holding up a certain number of ...

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