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Adopted babies recall their mother tongue: research

Though they may equally yearn for poffertjes, Korean-born Dutch babies are more likely to be able to pronounce kimchi than their Netherlands-born counterparts, an international research team has found. Their study, published in Royal Society Open Science, asked Dutch adoptees, ...

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Go bush with kids this summer, academics urge

Yesterday, six-month-old Leila enjoyed her first ocean swim at Sydney’s Bronte Beach. She squealed with delight as her toes were dipped into the icy water, her smile as broad as the dusky horizon. Aside from her pleasure, there are other ...

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Study finds womb for epigenetic twin variation

In a real-life daytime television-friendly tale, two sets of separated-at-birth identical Columbian twins – each living with the wrong twin – have been reunited. But that’s not the astounding part of the story. Scientists studied their genes and found that, ...

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Food advertising fattens up obesity-prone children

About one-quarter of Australian children are obese or overweight, and recent research has found it may not be entirely them or their parents’ fault. Instead, a combination of unfortunate genetics and advertising is partially to blame, a study has found. ...

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