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Scientists’ new finding is super nuts

Peanut butter may soon once again be stocked in preschool pantries. An international research team, including scientists from the University of Western Australia (UWA), have discovered the peanut genes that cause allergic reactions. By decoding peanuts’ DNA, the group, including ...

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Blubbing good for bubs’ sleep: study

Having a literal ‘cry baby’ may be favourable when it comes to sleep, Flinders University research has found. The study, published in the American journal Pediatrics, showed that infants who wailed themselves to sleep generally slept better than those who ...

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Educators flunk nutrition test

Did you know that red meat is one of the most iron-rich foods? Half of childcare workers in a recent Queensland University of Technology study didn’t. The 1748 participants scored poorly on knowledge of other nutritional guidelines, too; only 2 ...

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How to rein in little ones who wander

Are you responsible for toddlers on the autism spectrum who tend to go walkabout? Autism advocacy body Amaze has published a guide to dealing with ‘wanderers’. These comprise the vast proportion of kids with autism – who stray, or, as the ...

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‘Hugs, not hits’ produce sociable kids

If you want sociable, warm, empathetic kids, cuddle them instead of cuffing them. Perhaps this is unsurprising, yet the authors of the study that produced this finding say smacking is still a common discipline method across many cultures. “Hugs, Not ...

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