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Pre-school attendance alarming: ECA

Call for reform of early childhood education system prompted by low world ranking. Early Childhood Australia CEO Samantha Page said that there is a need to reform early childhood education so that young Australians can meet their full potential. Page said ...

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Child care rebate vital: Goodstart

The child care rebate is an important part of access to early learning, according to Goodstart Early Learning. Goodstart CEO Julia Davidson said while affordability was an ongoing challenge for the federal government, those operating in the sector and for ...

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$1.3m fund to boost child care flexibility

The federal government wants early learning centres to submit funding proposals for the Child Care Flexibility Fund. The $1.3 million fund will provide grants to promote more innovative and flexible child care arrangements with the aim of advancing childhood education ...

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Students jet lagged for school start

Start adjusting your child’s sleep schedule now to avoid them feeling jet lagged for the first few weeks of school, sleep experts say. Professor Dorothy Bruck, sleep psychologist, from Victoria University said, “Getting students back into early morning starts for ...

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Less is better for K-6 homework

New research shows homework has little benefit to primary school children and that too much could be a bad thing. The release of a book urging teachers to revaluate how much homework is given to children follows a move in ...

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It’s story time

Students from the Faculty of Education will celebrate Indigenous Literacy day on Thursday, September 6 and United Nations Literacy Day, which is held annually on September 8. Dr Lisa Kervin, a senior lecturer in language and literacy, has set a ...

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