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Clinton’s childcare policy trumps Australia’s

Australia has always followed America militarily, culturally and economically. Yet one area where we’ve historically disregarded our Atlantic ally is childcare policy. That might change if Hillary Clinton is elected president this November. Clinton is advocating for universal childcare for US 4-year-olds, as ...

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Flexible childcare a less-than-perfect fit for many

Work is now flexible for many people, so why isn’t childcare similarly pliant? Although successive governments have attempted to address this issue, they have inexplicably failed. Both Labor’s 2014 childcare flexibility trials and the Coalition’s nanny pilot, which is still ...

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No school, no pay, Twiggy says

‘No jab, no pay’ was passed with little mainstream controversy. ‘No school, no pay’ probably will not be afforded the same ease. The measure, proposed by mining billionaire Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest, is aimed at encouraging welfare-dependent parents to send their kids to school, ...

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