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Childcare workers doorknock for better pay

Childcare workers got a head start on this year’s International Women’s Day, themed ‘Pledge for Parity’, by campaigning for better pay on Saturday. Members of union United Voice knocked on doors in marginally held electorates across Australia, to inform people ...

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Tongues untied: bilingual basics for teachers

Are your preschoolers mixing their English Ps and French Qs? Read on, because, when it comes to young, bilingual kids, both parents and teachers have important roles to play, said Mark Antoniou of the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Development ...

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Qld Parliament considers ‘Mason’s law’

In April 2011, childcare workers photographed bruises on 16-month-old Mason Parker’s body. He was murdered by his mother’s boyfriend eight days later. Since then, Mason’s grandparents, John and Sue Sandeman, have loudly called for laws in Queensland that would make it mandatory ...

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Childcare costs drive parents out of workforce

Why work when it’s more economically viable to care for your kids? According to the Productivity Commission’s 2016 Report on Government Services, many adults are choosing to care for children rather than work, due to rising childcare costs. Roughly half of respondents from a ...

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Here’s what’s coming in 2016

We asked industry leaders to tell us the breakthroughs and successful outcomes they’ve seen over the last 12 months and what challenges the industry will face in the year ahead. Early Childhood Australia, Early Learning Association Australia, Goodstart Early Learning, Independent ...

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