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Leave time for creative play, educator says

The current focus on literacy and numeracy outcomes could inhibit a child’s creativity, a Queensland-based early learning provider has said. Sue Southey, co-director of Springwood Community Kindergarten, said increased pressure from parents for more formalised learning in early childhood has created an imbalance ...

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Build positive parent-teacher relationships

Teacher-parent communication fosters better collaboration between school and home contributing positively to a child’s academic success, an expert explains. Dr Denise Chapman, a lecturer at Monash University, specialising in early childhood education, literacy, and digital technologies spoke to education editor ...

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Teachers are targets of bullies too

Workplace bullying is a huge problem in the education sector and can come from people from above, junior staff, colleagues, pupils and even parents, an employment and labour law expert says. In an extended interview with education editor Antonia Maiolo ...

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More support is needed to help kids with ASD

Teachers need more support to go that extra mile in working with autistic children, a leading autism expert has said. Chris Varney, chief enabling officer of I CAN Network, an organisation empowering young people with autism, said at a macro-level ...

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