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TV series lets deaf children tune in

Mentoring organisation for the deaf, Hear For You, states that each year, about 500 children are born with hearing problems, and about 20,000 Australian children have some form of hearing loss. Enter Sally and Possum: the country’s first educational television show ...

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Mr Huff triumphs in Children’s Book Council awards

The fuzzy, grey, cloud-like Mr Huff has won early childhood Book of the Year. The non-profit Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) awarded the accolade to Anna Walker’s story about emotions that overshadow a young boy. Although the titular character, Mr Huff, personifies glumness, ...

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Children are more hydrangea than leopard

Kindergarten teacher Linda sat down in the staff room chair with fist-clenching frustration.  “A leopard can’t change its spots! Do you really think a child can change his spots? To be honest, there’s no point in even trying with Sam. ...

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Sesame Street gets STEAMy, for a cause

Have you heard the latest educational buzzword? It’s STEAM, not STEM, and Sesame Street has been onto it for years. The additional ‘A’ stands for ‘arts’. So, altogether, the acronym reads: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Early STEAM advocate ...

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Do the math early for better numeracy later: report

Here’s a simple, practical equation: early-years numeracy equals later-years numeracy. Whilst it may sound obvious, a new report has emphasised just how critical young children’s math skills are to later, school-age competence in this area. Counting on it: Early numeracy ...

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