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Babytalk has subconcious benefits

Dr Marina Kalashnikova from the MARCS Institute at Western Sydney University has published research showing a subconscious purpose behind the use of babytalk by parents and carers. The study, published by the Royal Society Open Science, showed the subconscious reasons for ...

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SA government ‘no jab, no play’ amendments

The South Australian government is proposing changes to its ‘no jab, no play’ laws. The law will require children to be age appropriately immunised (or have a medical exemption) or be on an immunisation catch-up program to access early childhood ...

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Stroke: a top ten cause of death for children

The Murdoch Childrens Research Institute has published the first ever study into the outcomes for children following an arterial ischaemic stroke, usually known as a stroke caused by a blood clot. Despite being more commonly associated with older people stroke ...

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Let kids be kids

Quantum Physics for Babies. Some find it hard to believe. But it is indeed a real book, and other books which introduce abstract scientific concepts to young minds have followed. It’s a quirky idea and I’ve told the story about ...

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