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‘Hugs, not hits’ produce sociable kids

If you want sociable, warm, empathetic kids, cuddle them instead of cuffing them. Perhaps this is unsurprising, yet the authors of the study that produced this finding say smacking is still a common discipline method across many cultures. “Hugs, Not ...

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Don’t paint by numbers, early education expert says

When it comes to preschoolers and crafting, Erika Christakis says it’s the creative journey, not the finished product, that matters. Christakis, a former lecturer in early childhood education at Yale University’s Child Study Center, acknowledged that although the ‘process, not product’ philosophy ...

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Opinion: teasing gets an approving tick

Teasing games are a form of fun, and involve joking or trying to playfully scare a child. They are considered a form of verbal play and important in supporting children’s development. According to Wendy Haight, teasing involves “imagination, symbolic thought ...

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