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Working-with-children reforms needed: NSW Labor

The NSW opposition is urging swift reforms to working-with-children laws to shut down successful appeals by convicted criminals including rapists and killers. Violent criminals banned from working with children have been cleared to do so on appeal, despite objections from ...

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Strength-based parenting helps kids handle stress: study

Research from the University of Melbourne has found children are more likely to cope well with stress in their life if they have parents who adopt a strength-based approach to parenting. Strength-based parenting means identifying and fostering positive qualities in children, so as ...

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Dyslexia-eyesight link in children called unlikely

Correcting vision problems in children with dyslexia is unlikely to have any effect on the condition. In the first study of its kind, scientists found no evidence that visual deficiencies are linked to severe cases of dyslexia. The results call into ...

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Children love drama

Learning drama at an early age will build self-esteem whilst developing many important life skills. Drama promotes tolerance and mutual respect as children work together to create theatre and explore imaginative experiences. Children learn and develop initiative, creativity, self-expression and ...

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Speech treatments require multilingual focus

Treatments for speech and sound impediments must take into account the needs of children from multilingual backgrounds, research from Charles Sturt University shows. Sarah Verdon, research fellow at Charles Sturt University, found in her research into speech and sound disorder ...

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