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Girls better regulated, more successful at school

Have you noticed that preschool-age girls are more attentive and controlled than boys? A new study has affirmed this, along with the fact that these behaviours lead to better academic performance. Researchers from Queensland University of Technology analysed teacher-reported behaviour ...

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Preschoolers may know their (trans)gender: study

For transgender children, Barbies for biological boys and trucks for girls is the norm, US research has tentatively found. Academics from the University of Washington compared 36 transgender children aged 3-5 to their cisgender cohorts and siblings. They discovered that ...

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Tots wired, sleeping less after touchscreen use

Giving Ella or Charlie the iPad at bedtime may not be the best idea, two London universities have found. Researchers from Birkbeck, University of London and King’s College London asked 715 parents about their babies’ and toddlers’ touchscreen usage. After ...

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