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No jab, no play in Vic childcare, kindy

Parents who don’t believe in vaccinating their children would no longer be able to take them to childcare or kindergarten in Victoria under proposed reforms.

The state government is introducing legislation that would require children to be fully vaccinated before such attendance is allowed. The proposed law would close a loophole that makes an exemption for parents who choose not to vaccinate their children on the grounds they are conscientious objectors.

Children who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons will remain exempt.

“What we don’t accept is those who go around myth-making about the risks of vaccination,” the Victorian health minister, Jill Hennessy, said on Sunday. “The public health and wellbeing of the broader community has to take precedence against the anti-vaccination movement.”

Children not vaccinated against illnesses such as measles and whooping cough put other children and the greater community at risk, many health experts say. Despite a vaccination rate of 92 per cent for whooping cough in Victoria, the number of reported cases has increased by more than 1000 since the previous year.

“Ultimately, it is a parent’s call in terms of how they respond, but we cannot continue to see the alarming rise in diseases like whooping cough and measles and not respond,” Hennessy said.

She said she is confident the “no jab, no play” policy will provide an incentive for parents to make sure their children are vaccinated.

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  1. What ever the parents decision, to vaccinate or not to, it’s the children who are affected the most by not having access to quality assured chid care. I believe it will only open up more unregistered & unregulated backyard child care for those that aren’t immunised. Who suffer most? The children of our future. More thought needs to be put into this for a win win solution.

  2. The next article in the Early Learning Review shows us that the children most likely to be non vaccinated are the most disadvantaged children in our communities. Doesn’t banning them from preschools and child care make them even more disadvantaged? LOTS more thought required.

  3. My son had an allergic reaction to his first immunisation high temp, then the second lot he lost all muscle controle for 3 days. So i never finished his immunisation i did not want to risk what would happen next.
    You need to think about people that have allergic reactions.why should they miss out on child care or kinda.

  4. There is so much misinformation connected to childhood vaccinations that I think many parents wanting to do the best for their children are just totally confused and hence this is the reason for not having their children vaccinated. Organising information nights at Centres where professionals can come and speak to families and answer their questions would greatly assist to increase the number of families vaccinating their children. This would be a more postive way to promote this project as well.

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