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Childcare affordability

The Greens plan for “New Benefit” childcare payment will provide an additional $183m for WA families. Australian families are struggling to find and afford quality childcare that fits with their busy schedules. Sky-rocketing fees around the country have been ignored, ...

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Early childcare gets a tick

“In the past, parents have been worried that early use of childcare may cause behavioural and developmental problems in their children, but we have found that is not the case,” said Associate Professor Linda Harrison from CSU’s school of teacher ...

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Long school days for children

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) findings show that one in 10 children regularly attend after-school care and one in 20 before-school care. According to an analysis of 10,000 Australian kids, mothers who work long hours, single mums and ...

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Early years making progress

A massive shift is taking place in Australian early childhood services. Traditionally, the childcare sector’s role has been to offer a safe and caring place for children whose parents are working. That role, however, is expanding to be one of ...

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Childcare standards challenged

The federal government has been challenged over changes to childcare arrangements, which may result in Victorian parents being unable to send their three-year-olds to kindergarten-style care. A motion by Liberal member Alan Tudge asking the government to give more flexibility ...

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Fixing the foundations

The most recent United Nations data continues to show that the four main Nordic European nations – Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland – have much lower levels of poverty, far less inequality, and much greater wellbeing, among children than do ...

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