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The building blocks of a better system?

With a raft of national reforms in the process of implementation, Australia’s early learning landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. The result of a Council of Australian Government (COAG) commitment to improving outcomes for young children, the reforms are detailed ...

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Indigenous preschool plan outlined

The Federal Government has unveiled a new strategy designed to get indigenous children into preschool. The government said it has already allocated $970 million over five years to ensure that by 2013 all children have access to a preschool program ...

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Fixing the foundations

The most recent United Nations data continues to show that the four main Nordic European nations – Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland – have much lower levels of poverty, far less inequality, and much greater wellbeing, among children than do ...

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Getting it right early

A slide in the nation’s commitment to improving early childhood education would significantly damage Australia’s economy, a leading advocacy group for children has warned. Early Childhood Australia (ECA) is urging the major parties to outline their policies on the issue ...

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