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Teachers twitter parents on their child’s development

Teachers are turning to a variety of social media platforms to update parents on how their children are doing in school.

According to Queensland University of Technology (QUT) education expert associate professor Margaret Lloyd, the modern way of teaching now features teachers who blog with their students to catch their attention and help them learn, as well as tweeting and emailing parents on how the school day went.

“Gone are the days of finding a scrunched-up newsletter in the bottom of a bag, squished between the rotten banana and mouldy sandwich,” she said.

Lloyd added that parents may now be updated easily on what their children are doing, even as they are doing it, with the use of digital technology.

She highlighted that as both parents work nowadays, they were not able to get involved as much as they would like in their child’s developments in school. She added that the method of using digital technology which connects teachers with parents and basically brings them into the classroom is getting really popular.

“It fits with the trend that the walls of the classroom are ‘disappearing’,” she said.

Lloyd further stressed the benefits digital technology, saying that it is not uncommon for students in one classroom to work with students in another classroom location across the world. Another advantage is the change in relationship between teachers and students, as teachers can now monitor their students’ output, and offer feedback while they are working.

Lloyd said that their teaching students at QUT have been trained with contemporary teaching practice, and are used to creating wikis and learning collaboratively.



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